Much To Be Thankful For

I’ve been successfully on the Modified Atkins Diet (MAD) for 5 months now. It has been going so well, that honestly there is not much to report. However, I had no seizures at all this month! This is HUGE because that has never happened in the 16 years I’ve had seizures!! As an added bonus in total I have lost 35 lbs.

November is Epilepsy Awareness Month. We attended the annual conference at Deaconess Hospital. There were some great topics discussed. My doctor was one of the speakers and talked about partnering with your doctors. It was interesting to hear what the doctor is thinking when he meets a patient for the first time. It was fun to see him out of the office and in a more casual setting.

We had a really nice Thanksgiving with family. I took a low carb taco shell, some bacon and green beans with me. I ate turkey and for dessert had some sugar free jello with whipped cream. I didn’t miss any of my usual Thanksgiving dinner favorites like mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie.

I’ve been lactose intolerant my entire life and over the past few weeks discovered that I can eat modest amounts of cheese. I’d forgotten how good cheese is since I had to mostly avoid it. I added cooked broccoli with a little cheese on it to my diet.

I have my regular appointment with my doctor in a few weeks and can’t wait to share with them how well it is going. I am so thankful for their good care all these years and recommending the diet.

As the weather has gotten cold, I have been craving some hot chocolate. I found cacao powder at Costco which I look forward to trying.

Thanks for following me. Until next month…

Merry Christmas Everyone!


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