Snow in September?!

I have now been on the Modified Atkins Diet (MAD) for 3 months and it’s continued to go really well. I am not having seizures during the day. I am sleeping through the night, so if I am having any seizures we don’t know about them.

This Fall has gotten off to a great start. I have been able to be more involved at church. I started taking piano lessons again. I can confidently go places and not always be concerned or worried about having a seizure and leaving early. Overall, I feel better and much more in control of my life. I am also having less days thinking about how this diet could just stop working. It’s good to know that if your body responds to the diet initially, it should continue to work.  

I’ve already started looking for Thanksgiving recipes to substitute mashed potatoes and other dinner favorites. This weekend we just broke a record set in 1926, the last time snow accumulated in September. Even though I was looking for recipes, I promise I did not wish for snow this early!

Taken September 29, 2019

I found a MAD support group on Facebook. Many of the people in the group have children on the diet, but I have communicated with some adults on the diet as well. One person I was in contact with has been on the diet for 2+ years and as she said, “I got my life back!” I learned she likes to travel and because of seizures it was difficult to do that. After being on the diet she was able to travel out of the country and enjoy herself. The admin of the group recently contacted me as well and let me know that her son has been doing well on the diet for 10 years!

People have also shared recipes and some of their favorite food options. The group has been an encouragement to me.

All of my labs look good and today I was given the “OK” by the nutritionist to try increasing my carbs a bit. As long as I stay in ketosis and my seizures don’t get worse we can give it a try.

I have to add more veggies in my diet. Green beans are a staple and I also found Kirkland mixed veggies from Costco as another low carb option.

After looking at the nutrition label I realized I can eat a serving of Trader Joe’s party meatballs. I absolutely loved these for a snack or in spaghetti previous to this new diet. I have to skip the sauces now, but they still taste good. I’ve learned to appreciate the little things. Honestly, I have forgotten what a lot of my favorite foods taste like which makes it easier to stick with the diet. Occasionally I do crave a cookie or chocolate, but for the most part I don’t usually miss it. I pretty much recycle my food options throughout the week. Have hamburger a couple days, chicken another day, my homemade pizza option on a Friday night etc. It works for me.

This week has been 2 years since my medically induced coma hospitalization to calm my brain and get better seizure control. Often times when the seasons change, specifically in the Fall and Spring I get into more seizure trouble. My hope is that this year will be different and I will not get into any trouble.

Lately, I’ve had the thought about what my life might have been had we tried this diet sooner. It is what it is and I know that. However, it’s hard for me not to wonder. I also realize that had my seizures been under control or better controlled at the beginning I would not have had time to build some of the relationships I have today. I spent a lot of time with my Nana when she was still living. We had a very special relationship. Had my seizures been under control I wouldn’t have been able to spend so much time with her.

It was really hard to give up what I thought my life would be. Now that I’m doing better, I look forward to what this new life could be. I am not getting my hopes up, but I see a much brighter future for myself.

Thank you for continuing to follow my journey.

10 thoughts on “Snow in September?!

  1. Katie, we are so thrilled for you and continue to thank God whenever we hear about his healing work in your life (brain). So excited for you. Your heart of thankfulness no matter the circumstances continues to shine bright. Love you, Anna


  2. It is so good to hear that yo continue to do well! Your positive attitude is a blessing to so many. I hope to see you later this month.


  3. You are a champion, Katie! So happy for your new blog- and the success you’re having with this lifestyle. May the Lord bless you and fill you with hope!


  4. What an interesting post! Things can be so different from one person to another, but they can also be so very similar! Katie, I have a question for you: when it comes to keeping a diet, what’s the hardest part? Where do most people fail?


    1. Hello L. Macri, I can only speak for myself. The diet is not hard for me to keep due to the lessened daily seizures and that I feel much better. I can’t really answer the part about where most people fail. I think having so few carbs and never “cheating” can make it difficult. Thanks for your comment.

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